Swing Beds

Swing bed programs ease the transition of care

Ocean Beach Hospital’s swing bed program provides professional, patient-focused care for patients who require additional time, treatments and/or therapies in the transition from hospital (acute) care to home, assisted living, or long-term care.

Swing bed programs allow patients to better improve their strength, maximize their rehabilitation potential, and complete their medication regimen close to home. Patients must have had a qualifying three-day inpatient stay in acute care prior to entering the swing bed program. Patients must also have a skilled care need, like physical therapy or intravenous medication, that cannot be provided in the home or on an outpatient basis.

Swing bed programs are also used following orthopedic or abdominal surgeries, for post-surgical procedures and post-stroke recovery, and for patients with fractures, neurological disorders, or weakness due to congestive heart failure, COPD, pneumonia or other conditions.


24/7 registered nurse care with ongoing assessments
Physical therapy
Occupational therapy
Therapeutic activities
Medication management
Post-surgical wound care
Intravenous therapy
Dietician consult
Diabetes education
Discharge planning

Short-term care

The typical swing bed stay is five to seven days, but can extend to two to three weeks. Patients will be discharged to return home when they are strong enough to do so or have met their rehabilitation goals. If further care is required, patients may be discharged to assisted living, an adult family home, long-term care or the care of a relative.

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Department Contact