Find out more about our Community Outreach and Education offerings below.

Depending on insurance, classes and individual appts are available for people with diabetes. Both initial and follow-up.

using weights in fitness

1 out of 3 adults has prediabetes. This class is for anyone who wants to make changes now to improve health and prevent Type 2 diabetes.

chronic illness

This class is for anyone with a chronic condition(s) such as arthritis, diabetes, migraines, depression, and many others.

caregiver support group

A group for anyone who is a caregiver for a loved one. It offers friendship and emotional support.

scot getting vaccinated

We offer seasonal COVID boosters and flu vaccination shots. Call 360-642-6308 for more information.

An evidence-based falls prevention exercise program for the elderly. It is designed to prevent falls by strengthening muscles and improving balance.

OBHMC participates in and puts on many community events including a Heart & Stroke Walk, Health Fair, Turkey Trot and more.

Do you have an idea for a group or event that would be helpful? 
Please email us with your suggestion. Thank you!