Cancer care at Ocean Beach Hospital

The Cancer Care Center at Ocean Beach Hospital offers cancer diagnosis, treatment, education and support services in a patient-centered environment. Our on-campus location also provides convenient access to chemotherapy infusion, allowing patients to receive the care they need while remaining close to home.

Education and support

Patients and their loved ones taking an active role in cancer care is a critical component of the healing process. Through each phase of treatment, our staff provides continual education and support, helping patients and their families to evaluate options and make informed decisions. We embrace promising emerging treatments and technologies.

Our team of oncology specialists works with each patient to develop a comprehensive care plan tailored to their specific needs. Our entire team meets monthly to review each patient’s care plan and make adjustments as needed.

Our team

A board-certified oncologist and internist leads our cancer care team. Our oncology nurses receive special training and are certified to administer chemotherapy. We practice an integrative approach to treatment, which includes collaboration with experts across a broad array of disciplines who are also experienced in treating cancer patients. In addition to our broad range of on-site services, we make referrals for specialized treatment when necessary.


  • Screening for breast, colon, prostate, lung and cervical cancers

  • Individual counseling, including evaluation, education, coordination of services and resources, and advocacy

  • Outpatient chemotherapy infusion

  • Targeted cancer therapy

  • Immunotherapy

  • Nutrition counseling for cancer patients

  • Referral for radiation and PET scans

  • Monthly support group for patients and their families