Physical Therapy

Ocean Beach Hospital Physical Therapy

Aloha! Welcome to Peninsula Physical Therapy at Ocean Beach Hospital (formerly Ocean Beach Hospital Physical Therapy). To better serve you, we have just opened a brand new gym/treatment area!

Here is a brief introduction to our program …

The Physical Therapy Experience:

At Peninsula Physical Therapy, we provide top of the line, one-on-one treatment for every patient under our care. We place a specific emphasis on manually guided treatment with progressions toward a return to early active movement. Brandon Higa PT, DPT is currently the head of the department and the lead Doctor of Physical Therapy at the hospital. Brandon has extensive experience in the outpatient care setting providing up to date, evidenced based treatment for patients with a wide spectrum of problems including orthopedic, neurologic, and post surgical rehabilitation. Each treatment plan is individualized for every patient based on his or her needs and goals. Whether the goal is to return to running a 10K, taking the dog for a walk on the Ilwaco boardwalk, competing in the state basketball playoffs, or simply getting to the mailbox, we are here for you! Ultimately, our goal at Ocean Beach Hospital is to return each of our patients to active, independent functioning as soon as possible.

To schedule an appointment with our Doctor of Physical Therapy, please contact us at the hospital 360-642-3181.

Fall Prevention/Balance Education

Are you having a hard time keeping your balance? Do you have trouble walking from one room to the next? Do you have difficulty simply getting up from a chair? The physical therapists at Ocean Beach Hospital can help you.

The Otago balance program is a great way to learn about balance, improve your strength, and help you to stay upright! This is a well researched, evidence based method in reducing your risk for falls. The program involves an individualized analysis of your fall risk. This includes strength and range of motion assessment, neurologic screening, and functional testing. A Doctor of Physical Therapy will then guide you through exercises and proper movement patterns with the eventual goal of transitioning you into an independent home program. Brandon Higa PT, DPT, our lead physical therapist, is certified in the implementation of the Otago balance program.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact the hospital at 360-642-3181.

Note: A physician order will most likely be required prior to any initiation of care.

ACL injury Prevention/Athletics

Brandon has done extensive work in the rehabilitation of the youth athlete. He has been trained in the delivery of the Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance (PEP) program. The PEP program is a well researched, well documented program targeted at reducing the risk of non-contact ACL injuries in youth athletes. It was originally developed by the Santa Monica Sports medicine Foundation in 2000. There have been several studies documenting the success of the PEP program. In one specific study, non-contact ACL injury rate was reduced by 41% when compared to a control group. Other similar studies have documented reductions as high as 74% after successful completion of the program.

The highlight of the PEP program is in the development of proper neuromuscular control patterns. Neuromuscular control refers to the body’s ability to appropriately respond and react to external stimuli within a given environment. In general, female athletes are more at risk of sustaining non-contact ACL injuries due to both anatomical differences and deficiencies in neuromuscular control. Although anatomical differences will always exist, addressing any deficiencies in neuromuscular control will serve to greatly reduce the risk of an insidious event.

If you are interested in the PEP program for your team or athlete, please contact the department at 360-642-6426 for more information.

Post-Acute Care

The Post-acute care program offers patients the opportunity for a safe transition from an extended hospital stay to the home environment. Patients are admitted to the program for several conditions which may include total knee arthroplasty, total hip arthroplasty, Hip ORIF, cerebral vascular accident, pneumonia, prolonged urinary tract infection, and generalized weakness/de-conditioning. The rehabilitation team includes our first class physicians, nursing staff, social worker, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. We provide 24-hour around the clock care for every patient in our program. Our Doctor of Physical Therapy works with each patient on a daily basis based on his or her needs and limitations. Physical Therapy often includes gait training, transfer training, balance training, strengthening, aerobic conditioning, ROM, and safety modification. Activities are also offered on a daily basis through our occupational therapists.

Your Therapy Team at Ocean Beach Hospital and Medical Clinics

  • Physical Therapy: Brandon Higa PT, DPT
  • Occupational Therapy: Jeanine Grey COTA