Cancer Care at Ocean Beach Hospital

Place of Hope Cancer Care Center at Ocean Beach Hospital offers diagnosis, treatment, education and support in a patient-friendly environment.

Our convenient on-campus location provides easy access to the full spectrum of support and diagnostic services, such as laboratory and radiology.

We encourage our patients and their loved ones to take an active role in cancer care, as this is a critical component in the healing process. Our team of oncology specialists works with each patient to develop a comprehensive care plan tailored to their specific needs.

Our Team

Dr. Ivan Law, a board-certified oncologist and internist, leads our cancer care team. Dr. Law trained at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Cancer Institute. He was in private practice in Portland, OR, for more than 30 years, where he was affiliated with Providence Cancer Center and Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital.

Our oncology nurses receive special training in cancer care and are certified to administer chemotherapy. Our support team consists of experts in their medical and clinical specialties who are also experienced in treating cancer patients.

Our Approach

Through each phase of treatment, our staff provides constant support for patients and their families, helping them to evaluate options and make informed decisions. We work in collaboration with experts across a multitude of disciplines and embrace promising emerging treatments and technologies. Our entire team meets monthly to review each patient’s care plan and make appropriate adjustments. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all therapy. Just as each patient is unique, so is the approach we use in treating them.

Our Services

  • Monthly Support Group Meeting for patients and their families
  • Cancer Screening for breast, colon, prostate and cervical
  • Individual Cancer Counseling including evaluation, education, coordination of services and resources, and advocacy
  • Monthly Tumor Board Meeting
  • Integrative Medicine: a collaborative approach that includes specialists from a broad array of disciplines
  • Tumor Registry

Cancer Care Center phone: 360.642.6327
Dr. Law’s office phone: 360.642.6475