Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a safe, painless, non-invasive method of diagnosing and treating diseases.  It is a unique form of medical imaging that provides doctors with information about both structure and function.  Nuclear medicine procedures are cost-effective, providing information that would otherwise require surgery or more expensive tests.  An added benefit is that physicians can review test results almost immediately.

Nuclear medicine procedures frequently unveil abnormalities very early in the developmental stages – long before they are detected with other diagnostic tools.  Early detection means a disease can be treated much sooner in its development.

Ocean Beach Hospital uses nuclear medicine to perform heart stress testing in our cardiac rehabilitation center.  The most common reason a doctor will order this test is to determine if chest pain or shortness of breath is the result of a partial blockage of arteries of the heart.  Another reason for this test is to follow up on stent placement after a heart surgery.  Doctors will also use heart stress testing to prepare a patient for an upcoming surgery or to determine if the patient is able to undergo a procedure.

The heart stress test helps to accurately diagnose and develop a treatment plan for heart disease.  For more information on nuclear medicine heart stress tests, contact our cardiac rehabilitation center.

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