Area Information

Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau
Anchored on Washington’s southwestern-most coast, the Long Beach Peninsula is rich in tradition, raw beauty and award-winning lodging and dining establishments. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Columbia River and Willapa Bay, this favorite vacation destination is a refuge for migrating birds and people seeking the solace of a seaside retreat. The Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau’s website,, is THE information source on the area, it’s events and activities.

Relocation Information
What’s the weather like? What is the population? What kind of industry and jobs are prevalent? Do you have medical & emergency facilities? What about radio, tv, newspapers, and internet? How do I find out about the schools? How do I get my phone / water / sewer / electrical / gas turned on? How do I get my boating, hunting, auto and driver’s licenses? Where do I register to vote? How do I find a home to rent or purchase? What’s available in terms of Culture and Recreation? How do I find a church? Can you h elp me find a 12-Step Meeting? Are there many clubs and groups I can join? What services and activities are available for seniors? Where are you and how do I get there? What companies offer mail delivery? Do you folks recycle? And what about the rest of my garbage? Can I get a packet of relocation material? Do you have the phone numbers for Police, Sheriff, Fire, Port & School Districts?

City of Ilwaco
Located at the mouth of the Columbia River, Ilwaco is the gateway to one of our nation’s newest national treasures, the Lewis and Clark National & State Historical Park. Lighthouses, pristine beaches, fabulous campgrounds and breathtaking hiking trails all invite you to experience the unparalleled natural beauty of the area. The Port of Ilwaco is the Pacific Northwest’s premiere sturgeon, salmon, halibut, crab and tuna fishing destination. If visiting our Saturday Waterfront Market or dining on the world’s best seafood, our antique malls, canneries, seafood markets, great restaurants, comfortable lodgings, fine art galleries, unique upscale shops and award-winning Heritage Museum are all a quick stroll away. Festivals, River Tours and many other attractions are sure to make your visit memorable.

City of Long Beach
Welcome to Long Beach, Washington! We’re proud of our little town and want you to be, too. We want to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to give us a call (360.642.4421) or ask the City Administrator a question.

Ocean Park Area Chamber of Commerce
The Ocean Park Area Chamber of Commerce, a nonprofit organization, was established to preserve the competitive enterprise system of business and to promote business and community growth and development.

Pacific County Economic Development Council
Pacific County is bordered by the Columbia River, the Pacific Ocean and the pristine Willapa Bay. We have identified six major cluster industries: Forest Resources, Agriculture, Retail/Tourism, Marine Aqua/Fishing, Technology, and Healthcare/Retirement. We are working with these clusters to map assets, develop projects and create strategic plans for value-added businesses and product development. Our four municipalities, four ports, and county governments believe in developing and supporting a strong community and economic infrastructure that sustains our existing businesses while encouraging entrepreneurial business start ups. The PCEDC’s vision is to create jobs, raise the median income while maintaining the distinctive northwest lifestyle. Our public and private partners share the goal of becoming a self-sustaining county within the natural resources venue while optimizing our business environment.

United States Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment
Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment, situated at the mouth of the Columbia River, is the largest Coast Guard search and rescue station on the Northwest Coast, with 50 crewmembers assigned. Cape Disappointment is also the site of the oldest search and rescue station within the Thirteenth Coast Guard District.

Chinook Observer
The News Source for Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula since 1900.